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Discover about the Psychic Readings offered and what to expect. Choose and then Book Online.

What to Expect...

Wether you are here as someone who has had lots of Psychic Tarot reading in the past or if this is your first, welcome. My readings are straight to the point guidance, I Connect with my light team to allow messages about your situation to come through intuitively. I advice you have questions at the ready for specific guidance and depending on the service you book will determine how many questions and topic you will have time to ask. Be ready to get some clear and direct guidance and messages from my light team and yours too.    

Psychic Tarot reading

(50/60 mins)

This has become one of my most popular services, with clients from near and far scheduling sessions with me. During this special service, clients will be able to connect with their own spiritual guides and angels, to form a connection with the divine world. This reading will cover 2 topics/ situations in you life and up to 3 specific questions. Readings are virtual (FaceTime, WhatsApp video or Phone call.)

Psychic Tarot reading

(30 mins)

These sessions delve into your 1 specific situation/ area of life to understand the goings on for clear guidance. This is a great reading for those who want some clear messages from the tarot and my guides. If you want more detailed reading on multiple areas and situations in your life the 60 min reading would be better suited. This is a Virtual Reading (FaceTime, WhatsApp Video or phone call.)

Angel Guidance reading

(15 mins)

Clients of Sophie Psychic use this as a weekly top up from Psychic tarot service to get guidance while life is unfolding. A perfect flash reading with Sophie Psychic for 1 question you need clarity and guidance on. Great for those who have a specific question regarding a current situation they intuitively need answering through the Angel tarot and your Angels. Readings are virtual (FaceTime, WhatsApp video or Phone call.)

Readings in person with me

I love to connect in person with my clients for a very soul touching reading.

I work closely with "The Pretty Lash Society" a Birmingham based beauty Salon. We organise Special in shop events with me and  days where I base myself there for Face-to-Face readings.



The events will have special flash readings with me. You will discover how to enhance your soul with sprit and inspire confidence in you with beauty. (Dates TBC) 


For information about Upcoming events head to my Instagram @Sophiepsychic_

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